Antisocial Freak

I knew what kind of person she was from the moment we met.  I could not tell if she was a hippy or a punk; or just had terrible taste in everything!  I’m not one to judge people on their appearance, but when you’re a university student who is supposed to embody the future of American society!?!  My parents taught me that you should present yourself respectably if you want to be respected.  It is the first thing people see- respectable or not?  Needless to say I couldn’t find any respect for Cassidy.

I knew right away that Cassidy was not a team player.  At dorm orientation we played a game where everyone sat in a circle and went around saying their names as well as something that described them.  When it got to Cassidy, she said maybe five names, then said she forgot the rest and shrugged it off in front of everyone.  It was so awkward, no one knew what to say, and we just skipped her.  It was like she didn’t even care what other people thought of her.  All she cared about was her self.  Literally, the most self absorbed person I ever met.

My parents taught me to always remember peoples names and birthdays as a way to make them feel valued as a friend.  Go figure, it turned out Cassidy didn’t even have a birthday!  She was adopted or something, or maybe she just lied about that so she’d have an excuse for being such a bitch.  She made a lot of people feel sorry for, even got them to throw a three day party as some sympathy birthday for not having one!  And I bet she didn’t even know more than five names of the people at the party.  What kind of friend is that?  Anyways I’ll tell all about that party in another post, because it was REALLY BAD!

I think Cassidy said my name maybe five times the entire time we lived together, and latter when we were in the same classes she wouldn’t even look at me.  That’s the kind of self righteous attitude I’m talking about.  It makes me so sick! What kind of name is Cassidy anyways?  It sounds like a gus name.  And she definitely hung out with the guys a lot, if you know what I mean.  Yep, she was the biggest whore I ever met.  Most of the time she didn’t even have a boy friend, but just “hung out” with a lot of guys.  My parents taught me that a respectable woman is in control of the way men receive her, and knows better than to have lots of “friends”.

Town whores fuck in the bed they lie in, and Cassidy lied a lot.  A lot of the time she wouldn’t even tell people her real name, and lied about her age.  Lying to professors was like  a second language for her.  There was always some excuse.  And the crazy stories she would tell people about her “abusive family”, I’m sure she made them all up.  When I met her mom, I was shocked to find that she was a very respectable woman, nothing like Cassidy.  It must be genetic, something from the random bitch that dumped her.  I didn’t want to be rude and so didn’t ask her mother if it was true that Cassidy was adopted.  I figured it was stressful enough to have her as a daughter without having to be reminded of her illegitimacy.

I think it is a wonderful thing to adopt needy children, but when those children grow up to be antisocial whores who show respect to no one!?!  I’d go with a Chineese baby anyways.  They are much more well behaved, and I think it is important to show a face of progressive racial acceptance. Better accept people for how well they can learn to socialize- or else freaks like Cassidy will surely muck up the gene pool.  Thank God, she must have been getting abortions or something.  It get’s worse, so much worse.  If this was all there was to Cassidy I’d mostly just feel bad for her.  No, this bitch ruined my life and destroyed my professional hopes.

Well, an eye for an eye, bitch.  I’m going to make sure you never accidentally get respected by anyone.